Warp Lemon was at Playtest III

Warp Lemon was at Playtest III

Warp Lemon was present at Playtest III, an event organised by the Florian├│polis IGDA Chapter. The event was held at S7 Coworking office in the centre of city, close to one of the most classic views of the city and counted with 14 different games from 9 local game studios.

We have show cased, alongside with Power my Robot (available for Android and iOS), two prototypes of new game ideas that we are working on. The games are still in very early stages, as ideas are still being created and implemented.

One game is called Ninja Boy Attack and is an action tower defense style. The story is that the Ninja Boy is being attacked by hordes of monsters and he will need your skills to defend itself. The other one is called Boom Defense and you have to defend your city from waves of missiles. This is a reinterpretation of the classic game Missile Command for modern devices.

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