Since we began developing games back in 2013, we were using Unity as our chosen framework because of the easiness to port games to different platforms. Also, although many other frameworks do exist, Unity was one of the first to help the Indie Developers by having a Free version (with fewer features) and they would only have you buy their Pro version only when your have a company gross income of U$100.000, which, if we do reach that level, we will happily buy the pro version. 😉

Recently, they created a space in their website to allow developers to publish the company and game profiles, as well as stories about their development called Made With Unity. We decided to go ahead and do it. And published our company profile and 1 day or so later the profile was approved by Unity. Followed by that, we also created the profile for Power my Robot, with screenshots, description and video. To our astonishment and excitement, two days later, our game got Featured in the Game section of Made With Unity. We could not be more proud by the fact that the game got recognised by one of the most Indie friendly companies in the world. We do not know how long the game will be there as there are so many other quality games being added all the time, but it is still very exciting.

So, here, we would like to say Thank You Unity!

If you want to download the game, here are the links.

Download on the App Store badge - Power my Robot         Link to Google Play - Power my Robo