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How do I shoot the balls?

Touch on the screen where the ball launcher is, move your finger to the direction you want to shoot the ball and release your finger.

How do I control the speed?

While you are holding the ball to launch, the further you release your finger from the launcher, the faster the ball will go. You can use the white dots to check the ball trajectory before launch.

How can I control the balls in the stage?

Tilt your mobile phone to the left or to the right, and the gravity will tilt. The maximum tilt is 45 degrees to each side. You can see the direction on the top-right arrow on the corner of the screen.

I lost all my lives. How can I continue playing?

You can wait 20 minutes per life to a maximum of 5 or you can buy more lives to carry on playing straight away. You will also help us develop more games for your enjoyment.

I finished level 20th of Pixel, but the second chapter is still locked. Why?

In order to unlock the second chapter you have to have collected 40 stars. You can check how many you have in total in the chapter selection.

I have bought the No Ads and I have a new phone. How can I get it back?

If you go to the main menu, select the Shopping Cart and on the first page, where you initially bought the No Ads, you will find a “Recover Purchases” button.


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