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Warp Lemon

Florianópolis, Brazil

Warp Lemon is a company that was created from the passion of two brothers for video games, technology, design and software development. Although we have a 13 years gap between the two of us, the passion seems greater because combined we have seen the industry go from a TK-83 micro-computer to the latest gadgets in the world today. We are aficionados for computer graphics, always looking for the latest news, addicted to Sid Meier’s Civilization and XCOM series and we are fans of sci fi movies and TV series. Ultimately our biggest interest is to create fun and compelling games.

Marcelo T. Rosa

CEO & Lead Programmer

I was born in the year when the men landed on the moon. Maybe this is the reason why I am huge fan of science and technology. From my first computer (TK-83), a degree in Computer Sciences and 23 years working on development of enterprise software, I have been studying, working and playing with computers. Now I am having more fun than ever before making games.

Facts About Me

I love sci fi movies and series.
I love (really love) games. I accumulated 300+ hours of Battlefield 3 and 500+ hours of Civilization V.
I deeply admire the work of Carl Sagan and all whoever spreads science.
My favorite drink is coffee.
I am married to a wonderful woman and I have two children.

André T. Rosa

CEO & Lead Designer

As I was growing up I quickly acquired the taste for computers, science and technology from my brother. Video games was always present in my life and I wanted to create computer graphics for them. So that led me to a degree Graphic Design and later on a masters degree in Game Design in London. Now I am doing what I always wanted to do: creating games.

Facts About Me

Also love sci fi movies, series, documentaries and games.
One-More-Turn Civ Fan Addiction.
I like to play board games (there is a group in Florianópolis that meet on a regular basis).
My favourite cities in the world are London and Florianópolis.
I like to take pictures (all the pictures in Grid Shuffle are mine).


Civilization Addiction


Unity Techie


Fallout Fan Boy


3D Blender Modeler

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